Associate Members

Associate memberships are available for F.O.P. Lodge 36. The cost of an associate membership is $20.00 per year and includes a F.O.P.A. card along with two window decals. Associate Members also receive a 10% discount on hall and picnic area rental at the F.O.P. Lodge.

To become an associate member of F.O.P. Lodge 36, Download an Application and mail it in along with your $20.00 membership fee. (This download requires Adobe Acrobat Reader ®. If needed, Acrobat Reader can be downloaded here.)

If desired, the F.O.P. also has the following merchandise available for purchase by associate members. These items can be purchased through the associate coordinator listed below, simply use the Contact Form Here, choose "Associate Member Contact" from the drop down, and we will get a you a current price, and availability sheet. You must have FOPA proof of membership to purchase items.


Range Fees

FOPA Large Oval Decal

FOPA Clip-on Metal Emblem

FOPA Stick-on Metal Emblem



Additional Associate Member Range Info

The Executive Board of F.O.P. 36 has decided to once again open the F.O.P. Shooting Range to associate members. The cost for range privileges is $50.00 per year in addition to the $20.00 associate membersip fee. This will allow you and one guest to use the range during daylight hours.

Rules for range use are posted at the range and can also be downloaded HERE. Anyone found violating the rules will forfeit their range privileges, range key and membership card.

If you are a new member and would like to use the shooting range or if you are an existing member and would like access to the range, please use the Contact Form, choose "Associate Member Contact", and ask us to email you a waiver form. Once this form is signed and returned, along with the appropriate range fee, you will receive a key to the range.