President's Message

Welcome to the web site for South Bend Lodge FOP #36.   We are a fraternal organization and the recognized representatives for the members of the South Bend Police Department. 

     As 2017 begins let’s take a moment and look back on 2016.   There were a lot of rough times for law enforcement during 2016; 254 officers were shot, 65 died from those wounds and in all 140 officers lost their lives doing a job they loved, serving their communities.  There was also the consistent onslaught of media scrutiny.   In an effort to “break” the story media outlets continued to report without vetting information, then didn’t walk it back when the real facts came out.  South Bend was no exception to this, but that didn’t stop the members of FOP #36, nor did it stop any of the other 300 plus thousand members nationally.  Day in and day out they continued to do their job in the professional manner they were trained.   

     Locally, besides their day to day duties our members reached out into the community on many occasions.  Of our regular events the Fish Fry and Disc Golf tournament had incredible years.  We held Popsicle Patrols, helped sponsor the haunted house, as well as being a sponsor for the Salvation Army Kettle Ring off.  Our proudest moment though, was Santa’s Elficers.  Brother Greg Howard, aka “Head Elficer” organized it and we were able to help about 59 kids in 21 families have a Christmas they wouldn’t have been able too.  We hope to continue to build on the work done in 2016.  Our first event will be the Fish Fry, on April 7th, from 4-7pm.  We will update our site as information comes in and changes, but you can also keep up to date by following us Facebook – South Bend FOP Lodge #36 and on Twitter - @sbpdfop#36 


Dan Demler

President, South Bend Lodge #36