Welcome to the website for South Bend Lodge FOP #36.   We are a fraternal organization and the recognized representatives for the brave men and women of the South Bend Police Department.  

Over the last couple of years, the city of South Bend and its police department has dealt with considerable challenges. But those past challenges look small when compared to the widespread changes and difficulties we’ve encountered with coronavirus and Covid-19 in 2020. This pandemic has sickened tens of thousands of Indiana residents and killed more than 1,500 people in our state. It’s also caused unprecedented economic damage and disrupted the lives of everyone in South Bend. 

But even during these unprecedented times, the officers of the South Bend Police Department have continued to do their jobs and keep our community safe. While many in South Bend have been working from home, police officers don’t have that option. They’ve stayed on the job, manning the front lines, putting themselves in harm’s way just as they always do. And they’ll stay there, helping our community as we slowly find our way back to normal. 

Many of our events that we look forward to each year—the police officer memorial, many different events with children and families, school gatherings—may be different this year. While we don’t know when things will fully return to normal, you can rest assured that the brave members of the South Bend Police Department will continue to do whatever they can to help our community while ensuring its safety.  

To keep up to date in these fast-changing times, please the South Bend FOP on Social Media 




Harvey Mills 

President, South Bend Lodge #36 


PS – Be sure to check out our newest project, Back the Blue South Bend –  highlighting the good work our officers do!